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NAFTA: House of Representatives Role Playing Game

The "NAFTA: House of Representatives Role Playing Game" is a unit-plan that allows students to apply the social sciences by playing the role of members of the House of Representatives during the 1993 NAFTA debate. The unit plan combines historical, economic, political, and sociological concepts of the late 20th century. The unit plan includes activities which span across the multiple intelligences. Students will have to think outside the box, and learn new material which they will apply through debates and teamwork. The material is relevant as well as challenging. While playing members of Congress, students must learn to compromise, persuade, and pull every string necessary to reach their objectives. In the end, the project is one of those times where students will use "fun" and "learning" in the same sentence.

A Political Grudge Match for Your Vote

Until the last ballot is cast on election night, politicians slug it out for each and every one of their votes. But what does the process entail? Many important questions with even more interesting answers are provided with this lesson plan. The lesson plan provides a chance for students to take a different on the political process. Instead of seeing politics from the point-of-view of the voter, the students get to understand what the politicians are thinking and doing to represent the United States. They can then decide what their role can be in changing the process if they see fallacy. The lesson plan is accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation with images and video from Dick Gephardt Archive.

Why is Something this Sad so Funny

Why use political cartoons? Political cartoons have become a familiar commentary on politics in the United States. They help create a medium for dialogue and political thought. They are also really funny. The lesson plan gives students a chance to understand how and why political cartoons are used. Students will be taught the methods used by artists to persuade the public through their art. Lastly, students will be asked to create their own cartoon. The lesson plan is accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation with images from Dick Gephardt Archive.

Electing a Representative

How can we live in a democracy where a president can lose the election, but still win the popular vote? What is a Republic? Why is it important for citizens to vote? All these questions and more are answered in this lesson plan that focus on the American election process. Students need to understand how the political system works and which cog they are in that system. The lesson plan provides instructor notes that parallel a PowerPoint presentation.

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